• Kutna hora   katedrala titulka

Kutná Hora

UNESCO World heritage city 60km outside of Prague

The picturesque medieval town of Kutná Hora, part of the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage, is situated approximately 60 km east of Prague.
The sources of the beauties and riches of Kutná Hora are in the silver mines that were exploited most intensively in the 14th and 15th century. At that time the town rivalled Prague itself in importance. It had become the favorite temporary residence of several Czech kings as well as the mint for the “Prague Penny” (“Groš”). You can see interesting and impressive sights as the unique Gothic Cathedral of St. Barbara, the patron saint of miners, the nearby Hrádek building, which has a direct relationship with the town’s mining past, Wallachian Court (Vlašský dvůr) which is an important building, originally a Royal Mine, that once produced Prague groschen as well. Then you
can see here the Gothic fountain, the Archdeacon’s Church of St. James and the Ossuary (Bone House).

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