• Csvelky

Český Šternberk

Gothic castle 56km south-east of Prague
The originally Gothic castle Český Šternberk has dominated the landscape around the central reaches of the Sázava River since 1241. The castle is located on the steep stony bank of the Sázava River and it has been called „Pearl of Posázaví-Region“ until these days. It was founded by Zdeslav of the Family Divišov and given the name „Šternberk“ according to the customs of that time. The new to-name of the Family Šternberk also dates back to the same period. It is remarkable that the castle has been owned by this family till now. The castle underwent several reconstructions up to the Early Baroque remodelling of the interiors in order to convert the castle into a comfortable residence.
The tour of the castle takes you through fifteen richly furnished rooms, superbly furnished Knight´s hall, the uniquely ornamented Chapel of St. Sebastian, the cosy library with several thousand volumes and the dining room. We can also find here an interesting collection of historical weapons, sets of precious china and various examples of small-scale works of art from previous centuries.

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