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The Pepe Jeans company was established in 1973 by the three Kenyan brothers who ran a small shop called Pepe Jeans on Portobello Road in East London.
Pepe Jeans was not named after any of the brothers, it is so called because it’s easy to write on a receipt. Pepe Jeans products excel due to their cuts and color.

Pepe Jeans has chosen several celebrities to represent the brand. These include actor Ashton Kutcher and model Kate Moss, as well as, Sienna Miller, Fernando Alonso, Cristiano Ronaldo and Natalia Vodianova.

Pepe Jeans has created an acclaimed collection inspired by Andy Warhol. It contains shirts, belts and dresses with screen prints of famous Warhol artworks.

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Chinese New Year

Pepe Jeans London store offers 20% discount of the outlet price on new collection until February 25.

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