• Starbucks

From the beginning, Starbucks has tried not only to celebrate coffee and its rich traditions but also to connect people within reach. The company's mission is to inspire and elevate the human spirit, with every cup, customer, and environment.

Since it was founded in 1971, Starbucks has carefully selected, roasted and offered the top quality Arabica coffee beans, in three categories based on the degree of roasting: Blonde, Medium and Dark Roast.

The company's philosophy is based on the professional approach and on the perfect services, ensuring the unique experience with every cup of Starbucks coffee for all customers.

Not only Starbucks provides legendary coffee and services but the company also focuses on the community activities in the areas of activity. Every year, April is the month of community-focused activities. The cafés become the venues for, for example, book launches and author readings, but also coffee and tea-focused seminars, with free admission.

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